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Mini Bath Bombs 12 Pk

Mini Bath Bombs 12 Pk


Experience the enchantment of our Mini Bath Bombs. These delightful, pocket-sized bombs are perfect for creating a spa-like bath experience in any tub. Watch as they fizz and release a burst of delightful fragrances, transforming your bath into a symphony of colors and scents. Infused with nourishing ingredients, our Mini Bath Bombs leave your skin feeling soft and pampered. With their compact size, they are also ideal for gifting or taking with you on your travels. Embrace the joy of indulgence and elevate your bath time with our Mini Bath Bombs. Make every soak a magical escape with the delightful allure of our mini wonders!

  • Directions of use

    Drop in your tub and watch them fizz and dance around releasing a beautiful abstract piece of art all the while relasing a soothing scent!

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